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Commercial Testing

Central Illinois Radon Testing is State of Illinois licensed to preform radon testing in commercial buildings, multifamily units, schools, and daycare centers. 

It is important to understand that radon is not confined to residential areas. Many people, spend the majority of their day inside some type of building, including schools. Radon enters commercial buildings and schools in the same way as it enters a home; through cracks, floors, walls and other openings.

The cost for testing a commercial property or daycare facility varies with size, layout, floor plan and location. Some jobs may require a (free of charge) pre inspection interview while in some cases a layout of the building will suffice. 

We have tested numerous apartment complexes and residential housing communities in Central Illinois.  I would be happy to supply references upon request.

Commercial buildings are classified as: office buildings, warehouses, retail facilities, schools, recreational facilities, assisted living facilities and buildings that combine these uses.

Contact us today for a customized quote.

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