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The Trusted Testing Solution

A certified radon test report from Radalink is the most trusted in the industry because all instruments are owned, serviced and calibrated by Radalink not left to the home inspector. This certification ensures that the inspector cannot access or alter any data produced by the instrument, and reports are published in a locked file that cannot be altered.

Q: How does Radalink's testing differ from charcoal cannister testing? 
A: Our radon monitors collect hourly radon concentration and environmental conditions every hour for the duration of a test. This provides a far more accurate reading than a simple cannister collection process. Our reports show how levels may have fluctuated throughour the testing period, and can measure the radon conentration with an far greater than a charcoal test.

Q: What exactly does the Radalink radon monitor record? 
A: Our monitors record radon concentration, temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity once per hour for the duration of the test. Our monitors also have a sensor that detects if the monitor has been moved during a test.

Q: What are the requirements to become a Radalink-affliated inspector? 
A: The requirements can vary by state, including licensing or certification. Get information on certification at and find out the requirements of your state here. We prefer that all of our inspectors have a form of certification and that they pass a basic credit check as part of our application process

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